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Specific Themes



BJGVS has chosen a few broad themes for its emphasis and action. The main message of all the activities would be community action and self-reliance. Also, in all our interaction the central role of literacy, including scientific literacy would be kept in view. The ten broad themes would be :

1. Health - Nutrition, Sanitation and Hygiene

2. Water - for drinking and for agriculture

3. The Environment

4. Eradication of Superstitions and the promotion of scientific thinking

5. Technology for the people - Appropriate technology for homes/local industries/ agriculture

6. Literacy

7. Land reforms and land literacy

8. SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities & Women's empowerment through education, technology & participatory action

9. Fighting the Caste system

10. Panchayat Raj and local self governance.

The areas and levels of emphasis will be decided by the states and districts in line with their local problems, issues and needs.


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