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1. Mass Initiative for the spread of Scientific Thinking and Eradication of Superstitious Beliefs (1992-93) - This project was conducted on a truly massive scale, it's objective being the spread of scientific thinking and the eradication of superstitious beliefs among the rural poor. Traditional mediums, such as puppet shows and street plays, were used to spread the word. The Samiti worked in collaboration with the Council for Science and Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Work was done in 49 districts and 4,900 places. The project was funded (Rs 5 Lakhs) by the Government of India & UNICEF. >>View Gallery

2. Mass Initiative for the spread of Scientific Thinking and Eradication of Superstitious Beliefs (1993-94) - The key difference between this project and the above is that this was completed in collaboration with and was funded (Rs 7 Lakhs) by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Government of India. In this case various seminars and meetings were also used, in addition to the above methods, to reach out to the people. This project touched people living in a number of districts in U.P (then Uttaranchal being the part of U.P.). >>View Gallery

3. The campaign for the Eradication of Superstitious Customs and the spread of rational thinking among the rural poor- A third,very similar, project was undertaken by the B.J.G.V.S which was in collaboration with and was funded (8 Lakhs) by the U.N.I.C.E.F. Here, again, traditional mediums of communication were used to spread awareness among the people. This work was carried out in both Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. >>View Gallery

4. Matdata Jagrukta Abhiyan (Voters' Awareness Campaign 1995)-There are over a billion people in our country and almost 72% of them are eligible to vote. Yet many of them are not even aware of their basic right of adult franchise. They cannot even read the pamphlets published by the various political parties and base their decisions almost entirely on the sweet sounding, and often misleading, words of the candidates. Electing an efficient government is the first step towards social and economic development and it can only be done if each and every voter is in a position to make an informed decision. Keeping the above in mind we launched a program to empower the voter and thereby help our country become a democracy in the true sense of the word. This project was funded by and was done in collaboration with the Election Commission, Government of India.Various mediums, like seminars, lectures, street plays, etc were used to make the people aware. >>View Gallery

5. Gandhi Gram Yojna (1995-96) - This project involved conducting surveys in order to collect data regarding the level of employment, nature of land, agricultural practices, types of industries present, etc in the state's rural areas. Work was done in 5 districts in U.P, which are-Gorakhpur, Basti, Deoria, Padrona and Siddharthnagar. This project was in collaboration with and funded (Rs 8 Lakhs) by the D.R.D.As (District Rural Development Authorities), Department of Rural Development, Government of U.P. >>View Gallery

6. Bal Bari Kendra (1997-98) - The Samiti conducted a literacy and awareness drive for the children of 10 slum clusters and shantytowns located in and around Lucknow and Balia. The objective was not only to instill a thirst for knowledge in the children but also to convince their parents to send them to government school, instead of making them work at home. Special attention was given to the upliftment of the girl child. B.J.G.V.S managed to touch, and hopefully change, the lives of 400 children. This drive was funded by and conducted in collaboration with the S.U.D.A (State Urban Development Authority). >>View Gallery

7. Setting up and maintaining a Public Library (1996)-We set up public library, in Gorakhpur, with a nominal membership fee and a collection of over 5,000 books. This initiative was funded entirely by the Samiti. We plan to expand soon and perhaps offer a few more services like Internet access, photocopying, etc. >>View Gallery

8. Adarsh Gram Yojna (Model Village-2001-03) - Under this yojna we conducted a training program for B.D.Os (Block Development Officers) and adopted a village for massive reconstruction and developmental work. The village, Shivpuri, Bhadwana, block Malihabad, near Lucknow, was studied extensively by the Samiti's workers. It's inhabitants were taught sustainable agriculture, made aware of the latest methods and tools of agriculture, literacy drives were conducted, etc. In short, a variety of steps were taken to develop this village so it could be used as a role model for other villages. Our efforts in this area have been extremely successful. This initiative was conducted in collaboration with and funded (Rs 8 lakhs) by the Department of Rural Development, Goverment of India, CAPART & Government of Uttar Pradesh. >>View Gallery

9. Education for all (2003)-This project is being conducted on a very large scale. It seeks to spread literacy and mainly targets people between the ages of 18 and 50. We hope not just to spread literacy but also to make the people aware so that they can take informed decisions and actively participate in the running of their country. This initiative is being conducted in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Government of U.P. It is also being funded (Rs 14 Lakhs) by the same. >>View Gallery

10. Sampoorn Swkshta Abhiyan (Complete Sanitation Program - 2005-06) - This project was completed with special stress on I.E.C (Information, Education and Communication). We decided to give the word 'sanitation' a much broader meaning. It was to include various topics like the state of the environment, health, hygiene, sanitation, etc.4 chief methods of communication were used -street plays, painting competitions, speeches and meetings. We worked on this with the Panchayati Raj Department, Government of U.P and the program was funded by the same. >>View Gallery

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