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BJGVS purports to become a nation-wide mobilization leading to a Mass action for National Regeneration. With the involvement of tens of thousands of individuals, from hundreds of voluntary agencies, thousands of schools, colleges,research laboratories and universities, workers and farmers, artists and thinkers, young people and old.

BJGVS proposes :

a) to help generate, through example and communication conviction that our basic problems can be solved through a self-reliant, humane, participatory process and a scientific approach and only through such an approach.

b) to directly address, and alleviate, through deep intellectual and physical involvement, some of the basic problems of water, nutrition, health, environment and literacy.

c) to savour and to project the cultural richness of this country and the developing urge of a people now ready to move on their own feet, through the contents and processes of a massive multimedia adventure.

d) to help transform the attitudes as also the content of knowledge and awareness of our people, including the educated elite, through study and their total involvement with the actual reality of Indian existence.

e) to create an environment where social exclusion of S.Cs, S.Ts, women, OBCs & other minorities on the basis of caste, creed, gender & religion is contested through participatory action.

The BJGVS should be consciously used to promote :

(a) Formation of groups at the gram panchayat level, block level, Distt. level (Under three term System of Panchayti Raj Institution) that will understand the use of science and technology for the benefit of the common man.

(b) Emergence of concrete action programmes/projects in the fields of literacy, elementary education, health, drinking water, sanitation, appropriate technology, etc.

BJGVS is not conceived as an event, as an ephemeral exercise. It is a consciously planned component of a larger design - namely to make India self reliant and prosperous. This will involve a sustained learning process by the "leaders would be" in realms of philosophy, development, planning and implementation, application of S & T for rural development etc.



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