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What you can and should do, being an interested organization/institution/individual :

This massive and exciting adventure to change the face of our motherland needs the total participation of all of you - whoever you are, wherever you are.

There are villages, village clusters, slums, small towns and large cities around the place where you live and work. Get to know the people who live there, live and learn with them. Through personal knowledge or through data which you can obtain, identify their key problems, their important needs and the major constraints which affect people's lives and well-being. And then choose one or more specific locations or an entire area, depending upon your understanding and abilities and your rapport with the people who live there.

Get in touch with us at the District or state level, with as much information as you can about the areas you have selected and the thrust you plan to give as a part of this exciting mission for self-reliance and national regeneration. We will help you to the extent of our capabilities and be with you through all your struggles and achievements. In this mission we are all together.

Information you need to provide for the places you select for your activities:

1. Name of place, contact persons, mailing address.

2. Names of nearby places with contact persons.

3. Map of the area showing all selected locations.

4. Geography and terrain, literacy rate, health statistics, land and water status, local skills and resources, reach of TV/Radio/Newspapers, modes of transport, forms of energy used, occupations and income levels, nearest hospital, school, college, university, research institution, krishi vigyan kendra, development project etc.

5. Possibilities of generating resources cash/kind/voluntary services.

6. People's receptivity and financial ability to acquire Science Resource Material (Software), books, games, toys and kits, posters, slide sets, etc.

7. Kind of activities, their number and duration that you envisage.

8. Some basic, but grass-root level surveys that you would like to undertake.

9. Other agencies, govt. departments, individuals working in the area,along similar lines.

This is a gigantic voluntary effort to reach out to and transform the lives of nearly a third of our people - and in the process get transformed ourselves.

Come one, come all - the young and the old,the learned and the not-so-learned, teachers and students, rural and the urban, moneyed and the poor,people of all shades and colours. The country needs you all to participate, to get immersed and absorbed in this magnificent dream of a million activists.

Share our dream, be one with us.

We have a dream - all of us - of a collective effort. A mass action covering every nook and corner of this great country: its remotest villages and cities, mighty hills and vast planes, green forests and scorched deserts, smallest schools and large universities. We will learn and we will teach. But our dream goes beyond communication. This will be a communion,a communion of the educated and the unread, of people from various backgrounds. Indeed a communion of the people with their country, a communion with its richness and poverty, with its culture and diversity, with both our achievements and our problems.Varied ideas and opinions would come together, differences would be understood and made harmless through immersion in the joy and excitement of learning and working together to change the face of this land.

Dreams have wings, and we might even achieve a great deal. But merely being involved in a venture of this kind is a gain for all the participants. At the least they would themselves be transformed. Perhaps the time is right for such an engagement and action. This is what has motivated a large number of individuals, organisations, institutions and agencies ,from all over the country, to come together to join BJGVS, to work together, to give shape to our collective dream and, in the process, transform the destiny of our motherland.



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