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Voluntary Agencies, Institutions, Clubs and Individuals must come forward and join this,scientific, nationwide movement for national regeneration.

How you can start working immediately.

For doing a survey - you can take one or more of the following :-

(a) Find out and document the traditional knowledge, skills, belief and methods in the fields of Health, Environment (particularly related to Land, Air, Trees, Forests, River, Weather, Flood & Drought, water resources, etc).

(b) Find out and document the traditional methods of communication used in your area - Folk songs, story-telling, folk-dances, traditional painting, puppetry and the like. Identify the persons who often use these to good effect.

(c) Undertake a land - use survey and prepare a land - use map ,taking the Mouza Map as the base. Consult the geography/science teacher in the local/nearby school.

(d) Find out and map the fuel/energy- use pattern (for cooking, other house-hold uses, village industries,etc) availability through the year, sources, distance form the village and cost per year.

(e) Survey the prevalent superstitions in your area, and how they harm the people, and how these are used to exploit people.

(f) Find out and list the tools/implements used in your area,the adaptations or improvements made by the local people in order to make them more effective. This can be "home - made" water pumps or pump - improvements, improvements in the bullock - cart or the cycle - rickshaw, a better potter's wheel, a better sickle and so on.

(g) Find out customs in your area, which are against women, dalits & the poor.

(h) Document exemplary efforts made by persons or institutions, which have promoted communal harmony, gender justice & caste equality.


1. Basic surveys of the village/gram panchayat. The theme of the survey could be the following:

(i) Literacy and elementary education.

(ii) Traditional methods of communication.

(iii) Land use.

(iv) Energy consumption and sources.

(v) Prevalent superstitions that are used to exploit ignorant people.

(vi) Locally used tools and implements.

(vii) Traditional knowledge and skills,etc.

(viii) People's initiatives to fight natural disasters.


2. Organize competitions among local students/youth in making posters/slogans/rhymes etc., on any or all the following subjects:

(i) Science and Technology in the service of the people.

(ii) Scientific thinking - a new culture.

(iii) The world around and above us.

(iv) Health for all - now!

(v) Literacy for liberation.

(vi) Women of India - learn and advance!

(vii) Water and water borne diseases.

(viii) Self reliance - of self, community and the nation.

(ix) Our children and our schools.

(x) Clean streets, clean houses, clean body, a healthy society.

3. Conduct village/gram panchayat/block level competitions for "Best farmer", "Best Craftsman", "Best dairy farmer", "Cleanest home", "Most innovative village industry", "Best design of improved agricultural implement", "Most weather - wise villager" etc.

4. Organize training courses on economically important applications of science and technology, like-

(i) Better agricultural practices.

(ii) Cultivation of new crops like mulberry, rubber, medicinal plants, mushrooms etc.

(iii) Bee keeping.

(iv) Soil and Water conservation.

(v) Pisciculture.

(vi) Raising seedlings.

(vii) Fuel efficient chulah making.

(viii) Design of handloom textiles.

(ix) Low cost house construction, etc.

Naturally, many of these activities will require substantial technical help from experts. We at the state head office will network with you.


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